Green Mountain Grills

No, you have not stumbled onto the wrong website.

It all began so innocently... sharing grilling stories and recipes when one of our salespeople, Nick Martin, introduced us to Green Mountain Grills. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can find us huddled in the breezeway admiring a brisket, a piece of fish, fresh vegetables or a turkey.

We loved the way Green Mountain Grills made cooking so much more enjoyable we decided to become a distributor. But don’t take our word for it....

“My new Green Mountain- Jim Bowie pellet smoker is the greatest grill I have ever owned! The set up was simple and the software makes grilling almost a sure thing every time. It really is as simple as loading the pellets, hitting a button and then setting up your profile on a smart phone and just waiting for your perfectly smoked meal. So far, I have cooked everything from a simple pork tenderloin for my immediate family for dinner to a 94lb whole pig for a party of more than 100 people and the food turns out perfect every time. I Love This Smoker. Would recommend it to someone looking for their first grill or the most experienced BBQ cook.”   

 - Chris Panarelli