Commercial Flooring

Gainesville Flooring has been expertly installing commercial flooring for business owners, architects, designers and contractors for 25 years. We have the expertise to install a broad range of flooring products which means you can use one company to install all of your floors.

Our professionals work with our clients to determine the most versatile and durable product for their business. When choosing flooring for commercial spaces, our team will work with the designer or project manager to understand the following before selecting commercial flooring:

·      Performance needs of the space

·      Limitations of the space

·      Overall design

·      Traffic patterns and activities in the space

·      Budget 


Whether a business is purchasing carpet for stairs, offices, hallways, lobbies or sanctuaries, Gainesville Flooring knows what product will work best. We have a dedicated commercial showroom that has a library of carpet books, laminate chips and vinyl resources.  A large conference table is waiting for you to spread out with all your sample books, swatches and a cup of coffee!

We sell and install the following products:


  • Broadloom Carpet: This type of carpet comes on a roll and is less expensive than carpet tiles.
  • Carpet Floor Tiles: Individual carpet tiles can be replaced easily if there is a spill or stain. Patterns are versatile and can differentiate between workspace, customer space or task areas. Carpet Tiles are utilized for areas where stains are prevalent like an office break room.


  • Color body or through body which means the color of the tile goes through the entire tile.
    • Coefficient of friction, which quantifies slip resistance and can be higher in commercial tile.
    • PEI Rating of 4 or greater indicates the durability of the glaze finish. 


Even with being resilient to a variety of conditions, Rubber Flooring is soft to the touch, ideal for gyms, playgrounds, aquatic centers and therapy rooms. Rubber flooring is low maintenance and comes in an assortment of colors, patterns and textures!  It is fire and burn resistant as well as water resistant, making it perfect for any area exposed to moisture.  Depending on the thickness, the natural elasticity in the materials used in rubber flooring can also reduce noise between levels. 


  • Vinyl flooring allows high-traffic areas like schools, workout facilities, grocery stores and hospitals to maintain a clean and healthy atmosphere. Because vinyl flooring is easy to disinfect, it is a top choice for hospitals and medical facilities. This results in improved sanitary conditions. 
  • Resilient flooring, also known as VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), is most suitable for high-traffic areas like schools, laundry rooms, kitchens and medical spaces due to its durability and easiness to clean.  


  • Industrial flooring needs to be tough and resilient with the ability to sustain high traffic and heavy machinery.  Other properties include scratch-free material, low-maintenance and resiliency to harsher elements like fire.