Tile & Stone

Tile is naturally resistant against wear and tear which makes tile unbelievably versatile and adaptable to any room. Tile is the best choice for a space with moisture or wetness such as:

Bathrooms / Entryways / Mudrooms / Kitchens / Outdoor Space

  • Tile comes in a huge array of colors, shapes and sizes.
  • Where your tile is going matters. Some tile products are better suited for floors than backsplashes while others work for both. 
  • Design choices for tile are endless. Gainesville Flooring has a dedicated tile salesperson to expertly determine what type of tile best fits your space.


Natural stone is produced from materials that are quarried from the earth. This product is taken from nature, cut, shaped and polished to reach the final product that you see in our showroom. These stones offer unique variations, patterns and color nuances that are only found in natural stone. Each tile is unique, which makes the tile patterns so beautiful - a great way to bring the natural colors and textures inside.

Natural Stone tile commonly quarried from:

Slate / Travertine / Marble / Granite / Limestone / Sandstone


Concrete tile is known for its durability and water-shedding qualities which is why it is frequently used in outdoor spaces and bathrooms. With more of a matte finish, concrete tiles are often created with different shapes and finishes. 


Ceramic tiles are commonly used throughout the home as well as in commercial spaces. This tile is an all-purpose option that is durable and easy to clean. Ceramic can be used for flooring backsplashes, wall coverings and showers.

Porcelain is one of the most popular tile choices in the market today, is very durable and works well for all areas of the home including flooring, bathroom and kitchen tile and even used in outdoor living spaces.


Glass tile offers a large variety of shapes, sizes and colors to add special design elements to tile in your home or commercial space. This type of tile is well known for its large range of colors in translucent or solid colored tiles. These tiles can be found in kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, showers and can highlight a fireplace facing or hearth.

Metal accents in tile can be used as a decorative border, focal point, or to blend together your bathroom/kitchen fixture finishes together in your space. Metallic finishes such as bronze, nickel and copper can all be incorporated into kitchens, showers, bathrooms and backsplashes.